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Licensed Kentucky and Tennessee Private Investigators


Twin Rivers Private Investigations

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Twin Rivers Private Investigations, LLC is a full service , private detective agency. We provide confidential investigations for individuals, businesses, attorneys and insurance companies throughout western Kentucky and Tennessee.


Looking for security services? Look no further. We now offer Estate Security, Executive Protection, Escort Services and a variety of security training. Our team members are all former US Special Operations personnel with extensive experience. Contact us for a specialize solution and pricing.

At Twin Rivers PI, our investment in personnel, technology and strategic partnerships makes us the logical choice for your investigative and legal support needs. From simple to complex cases, our professional team is committed to getting the best result possible. We are a professional Kentucky and Tennessee private investigation firm.  It is always our goal to deliver clear, concise, and actionable information to improve and protect our clients’ interest.

As experienced professional process servers and private investigators, we offer extensive services for your business, legal team, or individual needs. Through our training , experience, and dedication to our craft, Twin Rivers PI has the ability and opportunity to serve clients throughout the United States. We provide private investigations, process serving (service of process), and insurance  investigation services. Our team is confident in our capabilities to get the answers you need for your individual case. We have experience and expertise to work both locally and regionally.

Call (270) 217-2115 for a FREE confidential consultation!

Our primary focus is Private Investigations for individuals, businesses and law firms. However, our services don't stop there. We also offer a wide variety of security services. If you don't see a service listed below that you are needing, contact us so that we can discuss the details of your case.


  • Background Checks

  • Locating Missing Persons

  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

  • Surveillance, Photos, Video

  • Asset Searches

  • Marriage Records

  • Pre-Marital Checks

  • Custody Issues

  • Divorce / Prenuptial Research

  • Nanny Background Checks

  • and more...


  • Background & Pre-Employment Checks

  • Workers Compensation & Insurance Fraud

  • Surveillance, Photos & Video Documentation

  • Employee Interviews, Undercover Operations

  • Conduct Issues, Workplace Violence

  • Security Sweeps

  • Internal Theft, Loss Prevention, Stolen Assets

  • GPS Tracking (Assets, Vehicles, etc...)

  • Tenant / Rent Skips

  • and more...


  • Process Service

  • Workers Compensation Fraud

  • Surveillance / Photos / Video Documentation

  • Statements and Interviews

  • Locate Missing Persons

  • Public Records Search

  • Domestic Investigations

  • Asset Searches

  • Background Checks

  • and more...


  • Estate Security:

    • Threat Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of potential risks to your estate.

    • Perimeter Security: Advanced measures to safeguard property boundaries.

    • Access Control: Expert management of access points to enhance security.

    • Surveillance Systems: Cutting-edge surveillance equipment installation and monitoring.

    • Security Personnel: Highly trained personnel deployed for on-site protection.

    • Emergency Response Planning: Tailored plans for swift response in critical situations.

  • Executive Protection:

    • Risk Assessment: Identifying and mitigating potential risks and vulnerabilities.

    • Close Protection Teams (CPT): Highly skilled security teams for personal protection.

    • Travel Security: Securing transportation and managing security during travel.

    • Advance Planning: Detailed planning to ensure security at all locations.

    • Emergency Extraction: Rapid and efficient extraction plans for emergency situations.

  • Escort Services:

    • Secure Transportation: Providing secure transport for individuals or groups.

    • Route Planning: Strategic planning and securing travel routes to minimize risks.

    • Counter-Surveillance: Identifying and neutralizing potential surveillance threats.

    • Communication Security: Ensuring secure communication channels during travel.

    • Medical Support: Including medically trained personnel for emergencies.

  • Training:

    • Security Training: Comprehensive programs for estate and personal security.

    • Emergency Response Training: Preparedness for various emergency scenarios.

    • Firearms Training: Instruction on proper firearm use for self-defense.

Twin Rivers PI Full Service Agency

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Our private investigators and process servers are comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals. What makes us the best choice as your dedicated private investigation firm is that we put in the hard work. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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A Trusted Resource For Investigative Support

Twin Rivers Private Investigations was able to provide me with the evidence needed to support my case. I found their services very helpful and informative. Our meetings and conversations were always private and confidential. I would certainly use them in the future.

     ~ Matt 

I hired Twin Rivers PI to help me locate a missing family member. Even with very little information to go on, they were able to locate the individual and put us in touch with each other. Their team is easy to work with and their rates are competative.

     ~ Brenda

Why Twin Rivers PI?

We enjoy helping our clients get the answers they deserve. We use the most up-to-date technology as well as old fashion detective work when working our cases. 

We have built our investigative agency on transparency, openness and simply doing great work.  All consultations are free and we maintain the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism.



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