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Twin Rivers PI is a licensed and insured private investigation agency specializing in services focused on individuals, attorneys and corporations.  We also offer a wide variety of security services. We have the expertise, technology and resources to get the job done.  Based in western Kentucky, we offer a wide range of affordable services with no hidden fees.

Service Offered:

  • Estate Security:

  • Threat Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of potential risks to your estate.

  • Perimeter Security: Advanced measures to safeguard property boundaries.

  • Access Control: Expert management of access points to enhance security.

  • Surveillance Systems: Cutting-edge surveillance equipment installation and monitoring.

  • Security Personnel: Highly trained personnel deployed for on-site protection.

  • Emergency Response Planning: Tailored plans for swift response in critical situations.

  • Executive Protection:

  • Risk Assessment: Identifying and mitigating potential risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Close Protection Teams (CPT): Highly skilled security teams for personal protection.

  • Travel Security: Securing transportation and managing security during travel.

  • Advance Planning: Detailed planning to ensure security at all locations.

  • Emergency Extraction: Rapid and efficient extraction plans for emergency situations.

  • Escort Services:

  • Secure Transportation: Providing secure transport for individuals or groups.

  • Route Planning: Strategic planning and securing travel routes to minimize risks.

  • Counter-Surveillance: Identifying and neutralizing potential surveillance threats.

  • Communication Security: Ensuring secure communication channels during travel.

  • Medical Support: Including medically trained personnel for emergencies.

  • Training:

  • Security Training: Comprehensive programs for estate and personal security.

  • Emergency Response Training: Preparedness for various emergency scenarios.

  • Firearms Training: Instruction on proper firearm use for self-defense.

We feel certain that we offer services that your firm or your clients could benefit from.  Twin Rivers PI offers discreet, professional and reliable services while maintaining the highest ethical standards.  We promise our clients to keep all calls and information completely confidential.

Our goal is to partner with you, establish a trusting relationship and become your preferred agency for all of your investigative needs.  For an appointment, call us at (270) 217-2115.  We have a proven track record, offer reliable references and as always, no cost consultations.

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